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Everything you need to know to use Glasgow Club Online like a pro and enjoy a healthier, happier life. 

Because an active life is a GREAT Glasgow Life.

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Why should I join Glasgow Club online?

For 6-months Coronavirus forced us to close the city's sport and leisure centres and we collected no membership fees. At the same time we found new ways to support Glasgow's wellbeing. Fit and active people stayed that way with our free online workouts. We helped others suffering with poor mental and physical health to get active, feel happier and less lonely with one-to-one support by phone, email and and post.

Gyms everywhere have been hit hard by the pandemic. Reopening with fewer spaces in activities to prevent the spread of Covid-19, means less income and makes it harder to help the population stay active at a time when the health benefits are more valuable than ever.

This is true for Glasgow Club too but we're different because we're part of a charity called Glasgow Life. We don't make a profit. In fact we rely on donations and memberships to keep providing the services so many people in Glasgow enjoy and to run programmes some rely on to combat poor physical and mental health and loneliness.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a great Glasgow Life and you can help us keep making this a reality. How?

Sign up for our Premium online membership

Get fit and stay that way from home with Glasgow Club Online. Enjoy 25 weekly live-streamed classes, on-demand workouts, offers and discounts. You'll also be helping others in Glasgow who rely on us for the extra help they need becoming and staying active.

Reactivate your venue membership

With some centres unable to open at present, and less spaces in activities, our FitClub venue membership includes Premium online membership, free of charge for now. Once you've reactivated your venue membership just complete our quick form here to get online membership at no extra charge

Support us with a monthly donation through 'Gift Active'

Our Gift Active programme is a small monthly donation of £2. All these donations will be used to help fund our Get Active membership and charitable sport and physical activity programmes.

Help someone sign-up for and use 'Get Active'

This free online membership includes 5 live-streamed fitness classes a week, lots of on-demand activities and more, aimed at older adults, people with health conditions and those who benefit from fun and easy physical activity. If you know or care for someone who would benefit from it, why not help them get started?

Why aren't ALL live classes available on-demand?

If a class is new to our timetable you won't find any on-demand versions yet but the main reason a class isn't available on-demand is down to music licensing.

We work really hard finding music that enhances your online workout experience and can legally be used in both live-streamed and on-demand formats. We pay for additional licensing to allow use of the commercially released music featured in some of our online classes too (e.g. Les Mills™ classes) but the strict terms of this means such classes are limited to a 'live-streamed-only' format.

We're constantly adding to our library of on-demand fitness videos and working on our own on-demand classes in a style similar to those we can't legally offer in this convenient format so look out for these. We've also secured a free trial and special discount for you on LES MILLS On Demand. This service offers over 1000 Les Mills™ workouts for those who love these classes but can't always attend our live-streamed sessions. See our offers page for more on this

Can I follow Glasgow Club workouts on my TV?

Viewing our workouts on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is pretty straightforward. All you need is a good internet connection. But getting the workouts onto your big screen TV at home can require a little more 'know-how'. Many of you have asked for help with how to stream Glasgow Club on your TVs so we’ve put together a helpful guide for various connection options.

How can I find videos / classes I've watched before?

Every Glasgow Club Online video has a link to add it to your "Watch List". Click this and you can visit your watch list any time to get back to these videos.

You'll also see a little heart. If you click this, it turns solid red which. By "Liking" a video this way it lets us know you enjoyed it. That puts a smile on our faces and helps us plan better so we can bring you more of what you want.

How can I find the kind of workouts I enjoy?

We have a timetable which shows you what's on when and all our classes are categorised (pro-tip: you can click for a description of each class and if you find something you like, click to add it to your calendar so you don't miss it).

Your On Demand page lets you search the videos your membership includes access to, by name or description, and filter classes by instructor and category. This should help you find the kind of session you enjoy and then it's easier to find more of it. There's and On-Demand page for Premium members and an On-Demand page for Get Active members which you can access from the menu at the top of the screen.

How do I stop my membership

If you pay via this site for membership by credit or debit card or you have a Get Active (free) membership you can cancel your membership or restart at any time. Just head to your account page and you're in control here.

If you get your Online membership as part of your Glasgow Club Gym membership to our venues in the city then drop an email to our customer service team ( who will be happy to help.

How much does a Glasgow Club Online membership cost?

We have three membership plans. You'll find a brief description below and you can see pricing and sign up here.

Premium - £10/month (or included in Glasgow Club gym membership) - This gives you access to 20 Live classes per week, including the latest LesMills classes, Yoga, pilates, LBT, circuits and more. Also on demand access to ALL our workout videos as we build a growing library of previous live classes and other pre-recorded workouts with specific goals in mind e.g. core workouts, stretching, warm ups etc. Plus offers and discounts and more content as we add it. This plan comes with a 30-day free trial. After your 30 day trial you’ll be billed a pro-rata amount (e.g. £5 if there are about two weeks to go) to cover the time to the 1st of the month. Your card is then billed at £10 a month on the first of every following month and you can cancel at any time from your account dashboard on the website.

Get Active – free – offers access to small selection of live classes a week (and some recorded videos of these and other activities) aimed at those looking for fun and easy ways to stay active. This membership is right for people with health conditions and keeping active in later life or just looking for really low-impact ways to keep moving.

Gift Active - £2/month - this plan is perfect if you'd like to help some of the most vulnerable people in the city get access to sport and fitness activities, as well as specialist coaches for free or at a reduced cost. Your support helps keeps programmes like our Get Active membership free and accessible for those who need it most.

I've forgotten the email or password I use to login

Click “login” from the menu at the top of the screen (tap the three little lines on a mobile phone or tablet first) and you’ll see a “Forgot email” link and a “Forgot password” link. Click the appropriate link and fill in the details and we’ll help you with getting access to your account.

Why am I paying, and my friend gets this free?

Your friend may have chosen a “Get Active” membership which offers access to a limited selection of fun and easy ways to stay active. These are mainly aimed at those with health conditions and/or keeping active in later life. Or, they may have a Glasgow Club membership (and reactivated it after the Coronavirus lockdown) that offers access to studio classes and gyms in our “bricks and mortar” venues. Their venue membership includes a “Premium” membership to Glasgow Club Online like yours.

How do I change the way I pay to use a new or different credit or debit card from my bank?

Log in from the menu at the top of the screen (on a mobile or tablet you may need to tap the three little lines at the top of the screen to see this)

Once you enter your email address and password you’ll see the "Login" link has changed to read “Your Account”.

Clicking “Your Account” will let you view your membership type, change it, cancel it, review your payment history or change the credit or debit card you pay with.

My payment did not go through this month how do I reactivate my online membership?

You will receive a renewal reminder emails each month to help you avoid missing a payment. If a monthly payment fails you will be sent an email automatically that will allow you to make payment and restart your online membership. If you missed a payment that you pay to Glasgow Club directly for a membership that lets you use our venues across Glasgow, please use our contact form and we'll pass your enquiry on to our customer service team for help with restoring access to your Glasgow Club Online membership

I have paid my Direct Debit this month to access your gyms and classes in the city but can’t access my online classes?

It’s vital that you maintain the same email address to access both your Glasgow Club Online membership and your venue membership. If you’re sure this is the case already, please use our contact form to seek assistance.

Why can’t I pay my venue membership fees by card just like my online membership?

Our online membership is new and uses a card-only payment method. We’d love to be able to offer this kind of flexibility for venue memberships so our software supplier is exploring ways they might be able to help us with this. We’ll be in touch with our Glasgow Club venue members as soon as we are able to make progress with this.

Your server went offline or I had problems connecting, can I get a refund?

The Glasgow Club team will make every effort to keep Glasgow Club Online operational. As with all technology, things occasionally don’t go as smoothly as planned. Our website and the services provided through it may be temporarily unavailable if we have to carry out routine or emergency maintenance and occasionally a class may have to be cancelled and we may be unable to find an alternative. We’ll try to inform you in advance but it may not always be possible to do so. In the unlikely event that all users experience a loss of service for a number of days, a pro-rata refund of membership fees may be made available at our discretion.

I already have a Glasgow Club membership that lets me use your venues in the city. Can I access online classes, and if so how do I do this?

If you’ve reactivated your membership: we have quick form to help you get started here. We need to get things set up and then send you an email - this can take up to 24 hours but we're working on it as quickly as we can.

If you don’t want to reactivate your venue membership yet: that’s fine, Glasgow Club Online could be the perfect thing to keep you active - just go ahead and sign-up here on this site and choose the level of membership that suits you. If you choose a premium membership (normally £10 per month) this comes with a 30-day free trial. If you choose to reactivate your venue membership later, you can contact us and we’ll send you an invitation to an online Premium plan that's included in the cost.

Can I access online classes on a Pay As You Go basis?

Sorry – you need to be a monthly membe of this site, either having signed up here or through a link we've emailed you because you hold a paid and active Glasgow Club membership that lets you use our venues in the city.

How can I see which live streamed classes are available before I join?

For a flavour of what's available you can check out our members Start Page without being a member yet. There’s also a timetable right here that you can see without having to sign-up first. This includes descriptions of all the classes.

How do I cancel my Online membership?

You’re in full control – just login here on the website and then click “Your Account”. You can then choose “View or cancel plans”. If you cancel a direct debit or annual Glasgow Club venue membership that gives you access to our gyms and classes across the city, and also have a Glasgow Club Online membership, you will be need to move to a paid online membership plan or your online membership will expire.

I have an online membership; how do I join / sign up to use your gyms, classes and pools in Glasgow?

With venues just beginning to reopen after the Covid-19 lockdown we’re prioritising access for existing members and not signing up new members yet. We expect to be able to offer this again soon and you can contact our venue membership team if you'd like to be added to a list of those who want to be first to know when this is possible. Please check our FAQs for venue membership for more information.

Do I need equipment at home to enjoy online classes?

The short answer is "not usually, no". Most classes don't require it and instructors will give you advice during classes on how you can adapt things if you don't have equipment at home. That said, there are one or two classes where some equipment is needed and others where it could help you get more from your workout.

A mat is often a good idea - it'll make you more comfortable when doing floor work and will protect that living room carpet!

Though there was a distinct shortage of home exercise equipment from online retailers during the coronavirus lockdown period, more and more suppliers online now have stock. Check out our offers page to see if there are any savings available before ordering anything.

Please note: when using equipment (either fashioned from household items or bought specifically for the purpose of exercise) you do this at your own risk!

Body Pump

This is a bar-bell / resistance training class but you don't necessarily need expensive weights. It's possible to work with nothing more than a broom handle. You could consider securing some weight to either end in the form of household items that weigh an equal amount (water bottles for example). You can also use dumbbells if you have them, or other household items that work as hand weights (tins or plastic water bottles etc). There's no doubt a barbell / pump set will make things easier, letting you change weights between exercises. An aerobic step and a towel or even just a mat will be helpful for chest presses etc but alternatives can be set up using household items.


This core-focused workout can be enjoyed without any equipment but a resistance tube or band, a mat and a towel will help you get the most from it. The alternative to weight plates is household items of various weights. Resistance bands can be picked up online very affordably. Check our offers page to see if there are any savings available before ordering anything. For resistance tubes/bands this is the sort of thing we'd recommend.

Circuits & Super Circuits

Some space against a sturdy wall for wall-sits may be needed. A heavy weight such as a kettlebell is great for this class but not essential - a large (3 or 5 litre) bottle of water is an affordable alternative. Dumbells, weight plates or some other form of hand weights is helpful too these (two smaller water bottles if you don't have weight plates are a great option) and these can usually be held in both hands to replace the larger weight referred to above. Finally a resistance tube or band may be helpful too to add some extra resistance to some exercises, though it's not essential.


An exercise bike, spin-bike, or a regular pedal bike mounted on an indoor trainer (turbo-trainer, smart-trainer etc) is definitely going to be needed for this one. If you have a bike in the garage or shed you can often mount this on a turbo trainer and these can be picked up relatively inexpensively on gumtree, eBay etc. It's worth checking with an experienced cyclist or your local bike shop for compatibility.


An aerobic step and risers can be purchased online. Given the risk of injury with something home-built, the only alternative we can really suggest is laying something about the size of a doormat on the floor to mark the area you would be stepping onto with an aerobic step. Exercise with purpose and you'll still enjoy a great workout.

Strength & Balance

You'll need a chair for this class - a dining chair or similar is perfect

Vitality (Step-In Circuit)

Some small weights (hand weights) are great for this class and if you don't have these, don't worry, a couple of food tins (full) or small water bottles will work perfectly well.


This class may sometimes involve some resistance work with some small weights. if you don't have these, don't worry, a couple of food tins (full) or small water bottles will work perfectly well.